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      "It is false, knave!" said De Boteler, who had listened with impatience to the persuasive address of his lady"it is false! We are positively informed that you aided and abetted the flight of this bondman, and that you alone can give tidings of him."

      "And so are you.""It'll want a tedious lot of fighting, will that plot," he asserted, to counteract any idea his eagerness might give that Boarzell was a mine of hidden fertility"Dunno as I shall m?ake anything out of it. But it's land I wantwant to m?ake myself a sort of landed praprietor"a lie"and raise the old farm up a bit. I'd like to have the whole of Boarzell. Reckon as Grandturzel 'ud sell me their bit soon as I've got the rest. They'll never m?ake anything out of it."

      For some obscure reason Caro did not like to see [Pg 284]herself credited with the harshness of inexperience. She did her best to assume an air of worldly toleration.

      "It was well," replied Holgrave; "I am a freeman, and may go where I list, and not King Edward himself shall insult a freeman's wife!but do not weep, Margaret, I am not angered with you."

      On the third day from this, Calverley, bearing the felon's brand, unwept and unknown, was laid in the stranger's grave."For sometimes," she said, "I think he does."



      "Well, Backfield, I'm sorry about this young scapegrace of mine. But boys will be boys, you know, and we'll make it all right about that cow. I promise you it won't happen again."Her tears welled up afresh.


      Drink round, my boys! drink round!"