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      Hetty was waiting for him now in Lawrence's study. She looked bright and cheerful so that Bruce kissed her passionately. It would be hard if he could not live up to her courage and devotion.2. The use that may be made of air after it has been applied as a motive agent.

      There could be no doubt about that. The label had the same chemist's name on it, with the red caution of "Poison" underneath. The girl put the bottle to her nostrils and noticed the difference in the smell.

      "And a suit of unie-fawm!" called Ccile, with her Creole accent."Here's a discovery," he said, excitedly. "Here's a perfect revelation. Mr. Charlton, will you trust me for four and twenty hours with this letter? I've found out something that fairly takes my breath away."

      "Covered all over with orange blotches, eh?" asked Prout.

      "But you look real," objected Arthur.

      It required some strength of mind to keep the secret from the girl, but Bruce managed it. It seemed to him that Hetty looked a little white and drawn, but as the evening went on the happy look came back to her eyes again. There was a small fernery at the back of the dining-room into which Gordon hurried Hetty presently."Did the legs go on kicking?" said Gregg, quickly.


      I asked him how things were farther on along the Meuse, but he knew nothing. He was stationed here, he said, and was going to stay as long as possible. As soon as the Germans arrived, most people fled, and those who had stayed on were no longer allowed to leave. So he lacked all information, and only understood that fierce fighting was going on, as was confirmed by the incessant thunder of the20 guns. Fort Pontisse was, moreover, not so very far away, and frequently we could distinctly tell, by their whistling sound, in which direction the shells flew.


      Milling tools are employed at Crewe for roughing out the slots in locomotive crank axles. A number of detachable tools are mounted on a strong disc, so that four to six will act at one time; in this way the displacement exceeds what a lathe can perform when acting continuously with two tools. Rotary planing machines constructed on the milling principle, have been tried for plane surfaces, but with indifferent success, except for rough work.CHAPTER VII. MOTIVE MACHINERY.