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      That is right, he said, approvingly. Belfayre has been quiet too long; it is only fitting that we should be hospitable, and on a large scale. I hope I shall be well enough to be at dinner. In any case, I shall come into the drawing-room afterward, if only to see you, my dear. By the way, you know that I have given instructions to the surveyors to begin the Bay plans?

      Yes, the dearest, sweetest of girls, said Lilias. Esmeralda ran down the stairsthe hall was empty, for the guests were in the dining-room, and the servants feasting belowand into the drawing-room. She found her precious gift just where she expected, and was turning to run back, when she heard voices in the adjoining anteroom.

      The Creole shrugged: "We are telling you only the whitess we can!"The womans hand closed over hers and her lips moved.

      "I say unless--" Greenleaf persisted--