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      But what, my dear Traff? You dont imagine that the millions are to be obtained without certain disadvantages? Bah! Of course there are disadvantages! But you must swallow them. They will be sugared pills, anyhow! Think of two millions! It will redeem Belfayre; it will restore the house to its old stability; it will be the making of us! Yes, Traff, you will have to marry Miss Chetwynde!

      "Thy gentle voice my spirit can cheer.

      I thought you were looking thinner andand, well, not as you usually look.Lady Wyndover sunk on the couch and clasped her head.

      She did not utter a cry, but lay placidly gazing at him, as if she considered him a part of her waking dream. And as she looked, she thought, in a vague way, how handsome and tall and strong he looked, and how bronzed he was, and she thought that the expression in his eyes, as they dwelt upon her, was like that which they had worn the night of their marriage, just before they parted. Of course it was a dream; but the look drew the blood gradually to her face, and made her heart beat with a queer little throb. Then suddenly, very gently, and with a quiver in his voice, as if he were trying not to frighten her, he said:


      Lady Ada glanced at him out of the corners of her eyes.


      That letter is mine! she said, defiantly and haughtily. Where did you get it?


      We hev, responded Taffy, emphatically.Money? she said. No, no; I know I mustnt do that. Youd be too proud to take it, and from me. No, I darent offer you money. But I dont think theyll refuse my wish. Her eyes flashed. How could they? They have got all they want. For very shame they dare not refuse me this one little thing. Its all I shall have of good out of the bargain; its all I shall ask. Butthe old Esmeralda of Three Star stood before him, flashed from her eyes, spoke in her voicebut this I will have!