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      "Yes, I know. He said he would pass her into heaven on her face, and I think it was a very strange thing for him to say!"

      No, sir.

      I feared so, said Trafford.

      Well, I havent got any. I shall run down to see the mother to-morrow; she doesnt know Ive come back.

      All right; its no fault of yours, he said in response to her reiterated and wailing assertions that she had only left the hut for a few minutes, and that Esmeralda had always been able to take care of herself.His hand fell upon the back of the chair beside him and gripped it, and his face went white again.




      Half past eight? he said. Dash it, I dont seem to have been asleep more than half an hour.


      Been dancing, Bill? he inquired, languidly. Its dangerous at your time of life. Here, some one get him a drink!