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      "If you don't leave me alone in my misery I will kill myself!" she cried.

      Allegra had other models, village children, and village girlsher beauty-girl, a baker's daughter with a splendid semi-Greek face, like Mrs. Langtry's, whom she dressed up in certain cast-off finery of her own, and painted in her genre pictures, now in this attitude, and now in that, imparting an air of distinction which elevated the Cornish peasant into a patrician. She it was, this baker's fair-haired daughter, who stood for Allegra's successful picture"A daughter of the gods, divinely tall," a little bit of finished painting which had brought the painter five and thirty guineasboundless wealth as it seemed to herand ever so many commissions.

      "What is your particular line, Allegra?" asked her brother. "Is it landscape?"

      Chapter 7 THE SET TIME.

      "Martin! Did you see him?"I know, said Esmeralda, pushing her hair from her brow. But I do not care about all that. I dont want to be a duchess particularly. II am quite happy as I am.


      Isnt it a terrible fuss! she said, with a smile, as she put up her lips for him to kiss.


      Oh, here you are, Esmeralda! I have been looking for you everywhere. How do you do, Lord Selvaine?