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      'Mid the billows circling round,

      "The word typhoon comes from the Japanese 'Tai-Fun,' which means 'great wind,' and the meaning is admirably descriptive of the thing itself. There is no greater wind in the world than a typhoon; the traditional wind that would blow the hair off the back of a dog is as nothing to it. A cyclone is the same sort of thing, and the two terms are interchangeable; cyclone is the name of European origin, while typhoon comes from the Asiatic.

      "Front!" I once snapped out with a ring that made the trees reply and the ladies catch their breath. "If you steal one more look back here I'll put a ball into your leg.""My lord, the king, wishes to hear you on the alleged grievances."

      "Ferry's scouts." He scrutinized me. "What command do you say you--"I felt you did: I dont know why, she said.

      And now Helper is going to ask questions, she said, formally adopting the name. She wants to know if poor parson has been good, and not been overworking himself.

      But Oakley went on without heeding the interruption. "What was it to the knave whether I or the flames had themand to be cuffed and threatened!but the gibbet shall not be cheated of him. Do you know they threw Harvey into the flamesI heard the shrieks of the wretch, but I could not help him, though I knew my treasure was burning with him! for I was crawling, all but suffocated, and seeking for an outlet towards the river. I heard the cry, but for an instant, and then nothing, through the long passage but the rush and the roar of the flames."And gained the bright snow-line at last.


      Father John gazed upon her with a look of compassion; and, though aware of the danger he should incur, he said, after a short struggle:


      In a few minutes after this was effected, Richard's quick eye was suddenly attracted by an appearance on the beach."The abandonment of the custom began in the open ports, and is spreading through the country. It will spread in exactly the same ratio as Japan adopts other customs and ways of the rest of the world; and as fast as she takes on our Western civilization, just so fast will she drop such of her forms as are antagonistic to it."


      How pleased the herald angels will be! he answered.