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      blessing. For this, God be prazed and magnified forever."

      He turned away to order the squad forward. As they marched along the storekeeper said to the Deacon:226

      Presently he roused himself up to carry out his idea of getting a good meal ready for the boys by the time they returned, tired and hungry. He rummaged through the cabin, and came across an old tin bucket partially filled with scraps of paper. There did not seem to be anything of value in it, and he tossed the contents on the smoldering fire. Instantly there was an explosion which took the barrel off the top of the chimney, sent the stones rattling down, filled the room full of smoke, singed the Deacon's hair and whiskers, and sped him out of the cabin in great alarm. A crowd quickly gathered to see what was the matter. Just then Si appeared at the head of his squad. He and Shorty hurried to the scene of the disturbance.210Straining his eyes, he peered, looking for a bobbing head, a round white object supporting a body, as the flare died. Dick, arguing in much the same fashion, stared from the other side of the fuselage and gave a shout of elation.

      Neither sixteen-year-old Larry Turner nor Dick Summers, a year his junior, had any more fear than had Sandy Maclaren, hardly thirteen and seated just back of the pilot who, in flying the four-place, low-wing airplane, had called back reassuringly.

      "It certainly is splendid," admitted the Deacon. "I don't think Maria could've done better."


      Somebody give me a good knife, ordered Mr. Everdail. Well cut this thing to ribbons and get rid of all the suspense!


      "Please save me, Mister," begged Jeff, "an' I'll do anything under the shinin' sun for yo'; I'll jine the Yankee army; I'll lead you' to whar thar's nests o' the pizenest bushwhackers. I'll do anything yo' kin ax me. Only save me from being drownded. Right down thar's the big falls, an' if I go over them, nothin' kin same me from drowndin'." And he began a doleful blubbering.


      On the run, Mr. Everdail told Sandy and Dick, and while we lay over at Bar Harbor, you two can watch for anything suspicious. My wife wont let me say that Mimi, the maid, could be guiltybesides, how could she get into Captain Parks safe?I dont see that!