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      Pen's eyelids prickled as she wrote this. She forced down the emotion, and continued more soberly:[148] The summons and the instructions to Jumonville are in Prcis des Faits.

      [740] Pouchot, II. 46.

      [3] Le Roy La Barre, 21 Juillet, 1684; Le Roy Denonville et Champigny, 30 Mars, 1687.[226] Certificat de Charles de la Gaudalie, prtre, cur missionnaire de la paroisse des Mines, et No?l-Alexandre Noiville, ... cur de l'Assomption et de la Sainte Famille de Pigiguit; printed in Rameau, Une Colonie Fodale en Amrique (ed. 1889), ii. 53.

      It is true that some delay was inevitable. The French had four armed vessels on the lake, and this made it necessary to provide an equal or superior force to protect the troops on their way to Isle-aux-Noix. Captain Loring, the English naval commander, was therefore ordered to build a brigantine; and, this being thought insufficient, he was directed to add a kind of floating battery, moved by sweeps. Three weeks later, in consequence of farther information concerning the force of the French vessels, Amherst ordered an armed sloop to be put on the stocks; and this involved a long delay. The saw-mill at Ticonderoga was to furnish planks for the intended navy; but, being overtasked in sawing timber for the new works at Crown Point, it was continually breaking down. Hence much time was lost, and autumn was 242Charlevoix charges Frontenac on this occasion with failing to pursue his advantage, lest others, and especially Callires, should get more honor than he. The accusation seems absolutely groundless. His many enemies were silent about it at the time; for the king warmly commends his conduct on the expedition, and Callires himself, writing immediately after, gives him nothing but praise.

      On the third page they came to a stop. Pen saw his grasp tighten on the paper until the edges of his thumb nails turned white. A little knot of muscle stood out on his jaw. Unfortunately Pen could not see his eyes, but from the extraordinary tenseness of his attitude she guessed the look in them. Whatever it was he read it was brief. He relaxed; a long breath escaped him. He let the paper fall and turned to Pen. There was a new brightness in his face. Certain lines of anxiety were smoothed out. Cynical satisfaction was writ large there. He all but laughed in his relief. He made no further pretense of reading the paper, but lit a fresh cigar and cocking it up between his lips puffed away like a man well pleased with the world.

      "You are not listening! ... You must keep on up the stream until you come to a clearing on the right-hand side. Up at the top of the rise there used to be a negro cabin. But it burned down. Only the chimney is standing. Don't pitch your tent in the clearing. It would be too conspicuous. Conceal it in the brush across the stream. I can reach you there direct from the fields. If I can't find you I'll whistle like a whip-poor-will. And you answer."


      Day after day went by, and the invaders made no progress. Flags of truce passed often between the hostile camps. "You will demolish the town, no doubt," said the bearer of one of them, "but 221[18] Their remains were buried by Captain Church, three years later.


      [297] Journal du Voyage du Chevalier d'Iberville sur le Vaisseau du Roy la Renomme, 1699, 1700.


      V1 missionaries and the politic efforts of their successors had failed alike. The savages of the Ohio and the Mississippi, instead of being tied to France by the mild bonds of the faith, were now in a state which the French called defection or revolt; that is, they received and welcomed the English traders."You don't understand me. I don't doubt but you're a whole lot cleverer than I. But I have my pride. What would you think of a man who..." He ended with a shrug.